The Best New Technology for Live Music Events in Victoria BC

June 13, 2022

It is possible that you have the equipment but lack the software to put a live music event together? What would help is a well-optimized software that will allow you to take the lead in your music selections and is straightforward to run, making hosting an event a breeze. In this blog, we will talk about some of the software that make nights like Rockstar Night’s live band music bingo night easy to run!

Some of the Best Live Music Events Software

Taking into account skill level, different music genres, and a mix of capabilities in the field of music, one of these software’s will change your music events for the better. If you are looking to run a unique live performance offering like live band music bingo in Victoria BC, these are your go to’s.

The best new technology to use for Live music events in Victoria BC

Rockstar Bingo

Rockstar Bingo is an interactive music bingo software (even better, it’s a web-based app, hence no app required). We believe that this is the most interactive music trivia software which can be used for live events by DJs, venue owners, and live bands. Rockstar Bingo provides revenue opportunities alongside regular entertainment at venues in any kind of location/setting. It is easy to create a Spotify playlist and turn this into a music bingo game, or perform your own music and import a CSV to Rockstar Bingo. The latter is how Rockstar Nights operates.

Music software for live music events in Victoria BC


From keeping your event information together, forecasting your financial performance, and keeping your calendar up to date across multiple platforms, Prism can do it all! This music software works as a great solution for venues, performers and promotes and best of all, can save time!

Virtual DJ Software

Virtual DJ is entirely free to download and use at home (for non-commercial use only and without the need for any professional equipment such as USB controllers or DJ mixers). The software has various layouts, modes, live streaming features, and personalization options. It can be used to curate and edit songs and playlists for live music events. Virtual DJ works similarly to music software such as Serato or Ableton and is suitable for venues such as Pubs and Bars.


We are always asked one question; “Which live music trivia platform gives the best experience?” Our answer is always “Rockstar Bingo”.

This music bingo software enables you to easily host music bingo games while you expand your offering. You can host music bingo with your own Spotify playlists or directly from your music library. This live music game combo could quickly assist you in learning how to be hired for gigs and find gigs without using an agency.

Rockstar Bingo is the music bingo platform created by SuperSauce drummer, Sean Wallbridge. The music platform was truly made for a band, with live performance features designed to enhance your gig!

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