Live Band Music Bingo

Rockstar Nights

Live Band Music Bingo

Join us at your favourite venue for a fun filled night of Live Band Music Bingo. Play along with the Rockstar Bingo app using the game controller you carry in your purse or pocket, your smart phone!

Powered by SuperSauce.

What is Rockstar Nights exactly?

Like Music? Play Bingo?

Then you definitely need to check out Victoria’s newest music craze.

Welcome to the new entertainment experience that keeps you jamming all night long – Rockstar Nights! It’s the perfect combination of bingo and live music. Forget what you know about traditional bingo – Rockstar Nights is anything but dull. We take the excitement of bingo and mix it up with some lively rock tunes. It’s the only “Live Band Music Bingo Party Experience!”

Rockstar Nights brings talented middle-aged dudes (musicians) to the stage to bring you a one-of-a-kind experience. From the 60s to today’s top hits, there’s a huge variety of music to enjoy while you play. So why should you choose Rockstar Nights as your entertainment option? Whether you’re at a bar, restaurant, office party, or just looking for something new to do, we provide the perfect social game. Plus, our shows are completely flexible – feel free to mix up music bingo with a dance party if you’d like!

Finally, Rockstar Nights isn’t just entertainment – it’s an engaging way to get your guests involved and keep them around all night long. It’s “less think’n and more drink’n,” and it’s the perfect recipe for an evening of entertainment like no other.

So what are you waiting for? Try Rockstar Nights – the only “Live Band Music Bingo Party Experience” – and get ready for an unforgettable night you won’t forget!


Rockstar Bingo is the brainchild of Victoria’s favourite classics to modern rock cover band, SuperSauce. A fun-loving band of seasoned professionals who love what they do while also living a little on the edge … every show is an adventure, sometimes even a surprise.

Want to be part of the show?

Join us on stage for "Can you sing it better?" (Karaoke with a live band). And watch this space for our future artist showcase!

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